Thursday, July 09, 2009

What they are saying-

I don’t often have time to check the travel blogs, which are as interesting as they are numerous – but when I do manage to check in I very much enjoy finding these nice comments about Classictic from people all over the world.
This from Rick Steves, Italy 2009, Favorite Discoveries or Tips:
" booked a dinner and an Opera event in Florence. Enjoyed a delicious five course Italian dinner with wine at a traditional restaurant near Ponte Vecchio then walked about a block to the theater where we enjoyed a four act presentation of LaBoheme. What a magical evening. The meal was terrific in both taste and presentation and the music was very powerful. Because we booked early our reserve seat for the opera was front row center less than ten feet from the actors. This was the finest live show that I have ever experienced. I had never seen or heard anything like it in the past and don't expect to witness anything like it again!! I was totally WOWed!! Wonderful, talented actors!!!
Furnacefighter in Philadelphia, PA USA 03/20/2009"

Very curious to know what a Furnace Fighter actually does and glad that he is also an opera fan! I highly recommend the Rick Steves website and guidebooks, informative, practical and upbeat.

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